Martin Roofing LLC

Martin Roofing LLC
7731 Highway 70, Suite 209
Bartlett, TN 38133

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About Us:

At Martin Roofing LLC, we base our reputation on satisfying each client with a well-done, quality job and the confidence to look no further when roofing needs arise. By doing this, we have created long-term commitments to clients of which we are extremely proud.

As a full-service maintenance roofing contractor, Martin Roofing LLC can provide an in-depth roof study of your facility. With this study, we will propose for your consideration a cost effective preventative maintenance program to suit your needs. This can take the form of a one-time procedure or a program designed to complete the required work over a period of time. This option allows you to budget the work to control your costs.

It is far less costly to prevent leaks rather than waiting for them to occur thus causing additional damage to your roofing system. Leaks will reduce the life of your existing roof not to mention the costly damage to the interior of your building and furnishings.

We invite you to speak with our current clients, visit our jobs in progress and compare our services and prices with others.




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   - Kirk Martin

   - Amy Martin